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Fire Pro Wrestling eFedders

...we could totally kick your ass in real life.

Fire Pro eFedders
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We're the ultimate group of outcasts.

A.) We play video games.
B.) We play an imported 2D Japanese wrestling title.
C.) We devote large chunks of time to role play as made up characters and sim matches.

So yeah, it figures we need an LJ community too.


Following the ideals of this forum's moderator, gbomber, there are few rules, and liberal beatdowns taken on those who break said rules.

Just so everyone knows what the rules are...
1.) People from any and all Fire Pro Wrestling-engine based feds are welcome.
- Why? Because though many of us have one or two feds we're really familiar with, there's many more out there that need exposure, or that we'd just like to see.

2.) Basic netiquette is required, as is basic LiveJournal etiquette.
- I don't want to babysit you people. Keep discussions lively, but not rude. If something erupts into a flamewar, I might crack down on it, I might not. Ya never know. We're all a bunch of opinionated people, and it will show in every conversation we have. No goatse or tubgirl here, or I start tightening the ship up and banning people. LJ etiquette is that long posts or posts with graphics use an LJ Cut tag, so as not to clutter up valuble screen real estate. Also, try to keep posts somewhat on topic.


This community is maintained primarily by gbomber. If any moderators are appointed, it will be announced both in the community postings, and here.

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